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Accessories and spare parts
Static Screen
Chamber with oil-absorbing filter
Splitter Box
Flushing Chamber
Milano Chamber
Unichim Chamber
Bio Family Riser
Otto-Pe Riser
Maxitank Riser
PE Chamber
PUFFY, low vertical cylidrical container
TALL LIGHT, vertical container with hexagonal footprint
TALL MEDIUM, vertical cylidrical container
TALL STRONG, extra-thick vertical cylidrical container
TANK, horizontal cylidrical container
FLAT, horizontal container
TANK-R, horizontal cylindrical ribbed in-ground cont...
MAXITANK, modular horizontal cylindrical In-ground c...
ECOTANK, horizontal cylindrical ribbed in-ground co...
MAXIECOTANK, horizontal cylindrical ribbed in-ground...
Water treatment
ANAPACKAGE Type HT, anaerobic percolating filter
ANAPACKAGE, anaerobic percolating filter
ANAPACKAGE PLUS, anaerobic percolating filter
PACKAGE, aerobic percolating filter
SUPER PLUS, activated sludge system
SUPER FAMILY, activated sludge system
COMPACT, activated sludge system
SUPER QUATTRO, activated sludge system
EUROSUPER, activated sludge system
POLI, activated sludge system
POLIMAXI, activated sludge system
COUNTRY, reed bed system
COUNTRY MAXI, reed bed system
COUNTRY PLUS, reed bed system
Blowing percolating filter
Run off surface waters
HT PLUS, oil trap (Class I)
OTTO-PE, oil and hydrocarbon separator (Class I)
HT, oil trap (Class II)
ECOWASH, biofiltration system
RAIN, stormwater system
BETON RAIN, stormwater system
IRRIGA, irrigation system
IRRIGA FLAT, irrigation system
IRRIGA PLUS, irrigation system
IRRIGA PLUS FLAT, irrigation system
RIUSA irrigation system (WC cistern)
RIUSA FLAT, irrigation system (WC cistern)
RIUSA PLUS, irrigation system (WC cistern and wash...
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